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Hi, I’m Sandrico and I’m a Web Developer

I create appealing data-driven experiences for the web.

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What I can bring to your team

As a web developer I can build appealing websites that'll provide a pleasant user experience. My skills also allow me to incorporate data into websites bringing increased value to users. Additionally, my non-technical skills help me bring a reliable, adaptable, and positive mindset to your team.

Recent Projects

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NSCC Course Map API

Role: Main Developer

The NSCC Course Map API is an API that provides data about IT courses at NSCC. There are 10 GET endpoints to choose from, all of which are viewable in the API documentation. This project was made during a second year programming class for my IT Web Programming diploma, and all of the endpoints are created using Azure Server-less functions. Throughout the creation of this API, the database was created and seeded using a provided ERD, the database server is hosted on and connected to via the cloud, the endpoints were created via Azure Functions in VSCode, and the documentation was fleshed out in Azure and the resulting documentation JSON was exported and uploaded to Swagger Docs.

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I love to collaborate! If you like my work and want to reach out about an opportunity, contact me via the button below.

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