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Hi, I’m Sandrico and I’m a Web Developer

I create appealing data-driven experiences for the web.

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What I can bring to your team

As a web developer I can build appealing websites that'll provide a pleasant user experience. My skills also allow me to incorporate data into websites bringing increased value to users. Additionally, my non-technical skills help me bring a reliable, adaptable, and positive mindset to your team.

Recent Projects

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Deck of Cards

Role: Main Developer

My family and I have a card game that we play that always requires a second deck. One deck to draw from, and one deck distributed amongst everyone. After a few times of playing this game I realized that we always had trouble locating a second deck of cards, and this drew me to build this application as the draw from deck. It allows us to always have a second deck as long as there is a phone, with the added bonus of being able to reference the order of drawn cards. I was a simple life problem, but one that I learned a lot solving.

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