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Up Your Editor Game With VSCode Workspaces

Workspaces are a .code-workspaces file that save our project folder configuration. Once configured, instead of opening multiple folders manually the .code-workspaces file opens them for you. This is much faster and easier then writing a shell script…

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An Intro To Regex's In Under 5 Minutes

What Are Regex's and How Do I Make Them Regex stands for regular expression, and in JavaScript regex's give us the ability to match a string against a pattern that we've created. Some use cases for regex's would be making sure that user's enter a…

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CSS Logical Properties Explained

Writing CSS is an important skill for every frontend developer. CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, and it allows us to style our web pages to our liking. There are a ton of CSS rules that we can set giving us a lot of flexibility. When we're…

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4 Static Object Methods I Wish I Knew About Sooner

When it comes to writing code in JavaScript, objects are a massively important and useful part of the language. If you haven't learned about objects yet that's okay! You can think of an object as a way for us to create a collection of key-value pairs…

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How to Write Cleaner If Statements In JavaScript

One of the major abilities we have when writing code is to write so things happen conditionally. When talking about conditional code, often we are talking about good ol' if else statements 👍🏾. If you haven't come across if else statements yet that…