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Console Coolness: 6 Useful Console Methods

As people who code, the console is well used tool in our treasure chest. If you're new to programming, the Console API gives us methods which allow us to send messages to the console area within web browsers. Being able to interact with the console…

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5 Tips for Self-Learning Developers

When it comes to learning web development, there are a lot of us out there who are learning on our own. With so much to learn, it can be very intimidating. I've done a lot of self-learning throughout my coding journey, and looking back now I wish I…

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An Introduction to JavaScript Functions

Functions are a powerful tool and super important in JavaScript land. They can be described as a block of statements that let you perform a task. One of the best things about functions is that once you define a function, you can reuse it throughout…

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Destructuring Your Confusion about JavaScript Destructuring

What if I told you that the below syntax’s log the same values? You can probably guess what destructuring does by looking at the syntax, but if you want to learn more keep reading 👇🏾. Curly brackets to the left, the left Yes that is Beyoncés voice…