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Role: Main Developer

Volt is an electron-based desktop application that allows users to add URL links to articles that they can later go and read. This allows the user to curate a personalized listing of articles that they wish to save for a later date. I made this application as a final assignment during my IT Web Programming diploma, and upon reflecting on it I would say my biggest takeaway is that errors are essential to learning. Throughout this final assignment I felt that the errors helped me better my electron skills. Every code base is going to have errors, and I choose to look at them at growing experiences. For example, I ran into a memory leak due to the syntax I had used. These errors forced me to go deeper into docs and I realized I could utilize a sleeker promise-based syntax which returns the ipcMain results for me. After refactoring to this syntax, I had reduced the codebase in my two main files by 50 lines.

Social Media Sports Feed

Role: Main Developer

This is a webpage built using PHP & Laravel that allows users to post news about current sports events. Its admin features include user administration, content moderation, and theme management. Regular users who have registered have the ability to read all posts, as well as create, edit and delete their own posts. I built this application as a final project for a course during my IT Web Programming diploma, and I would say my biggest takeaway was a better understanding of the pros and cons of opinionated frameworks. When you create a new Laravel project the base files are created for you, and the framework is quite opinionated about how you should add and organize new files. I would argue that this is actually a good thing in many cases because following the opinion of Laravel helps keep you organized while providing extra features. Not all frameworks are this opinionated, but building this project helped me better understand the pros and cons of opinionated and non-opinionated frameworks.


Role: Main Developer

I designed and coded this website from scratch as a final project for a course in my IT Web Programming diploma. It's build using React, styled using SASS, and bundled using the Parcel JS bundler. While reinforcing my ReactJS skills, this project also showcases my fundamental web design skills. These skills include the C.R.A.P (contrast, repetition, alignment & proximity) principles and creating color palettes. In addition to the initial build of the website I had to take part in a follow up client meeting to discuss the build. The purpose of the meeting was for me to gather, synthesis, and implement client feedback. In this case the client was my instructor.

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